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Hosteria "from Fermento" was born in Piazza delle Vettovaglie, One of the most well-known and well-known in the historical center of Pisa, and despite having undergone numerous interventions and refurbishments for centuries, it has never changed its original function that has always been used for commerce.

The name "Fermento" comes from the nickname given to the small plague Rachele, the daughter of the owner, nicknamed so by his grandfather for her state of agitation and her vitality!

Thanks to a late-2013 renovation of the old Caffetteria delle Vettovaglie, the hosteria is an elegant and welcoming place, with its vast wine cellar of Tuscan wine and the Pisan hills and a rich menu of local culinary tradition.
It offers homemade bread, pasta and homemade cakes, specialty is meat, especially chianine, excellent steaks, sliced beef and fillets.

Open for lunch on Saturdays, Sundays and festivities and every evening at dinner for enogastronomic routes of best quality.
It also has outdoor tables on the historic square.
For further info about closing day ask by telephone.

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